Our Mission

The American Society of Internal Arts,  "A.S.I.A.," is an organization dedicated to the promotion of the Chinese internal martial arts, also know as neijia (internal arts). The most well know of the internal arts is taijiquan (tai chi), which translates roughly as “grand ultimate boxing.” Taijiquan shares the spotlight with two other internal arts. One is called baguazhang, translated as “eight trigrams palm." The other is xingyiquan, which roughly translates as “form of the mind boxing.” Depending on who you talk to, these translations may vary a bit, but the words are less important than the meaning behind them. These three arts are sometimes referred to as the “primary internal arts,” to distinguish them from some recent arts which also categorize themselves as part of the internal arts family. In addition to the three primary internal arts, A.S.I.A.’s promotional efforts extend to related practices such as qigong, meditation, TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) and Yijing (I-Ching) studies.


How does A.S.I.A. promote these arts?

A.S.I.A. promotes these arts by hosting a series of educational events. Our largest and most popular event is the annual Zhang San Feng Festival & Dao of Health Expo.  It is the oldest and largest internal arts convention in the country. Held at the Honor's Haven (formerly: "Fallsview") Resort and Spa (NY) the first weekend in June each year, the Festival brings together some of the top masters in the internal arts to teach a series of workshops throughout a period of over 3 days. A vending area (the expo) offers a unique shopping experience for attendees,  and each night includes a reception with entertainment. For more information on the Festival, please visit:      www.TaiChiFest.com.

In addition to the Festival, A.S.I.A. also hosts a series of weekend workshops through the year, offered as part of our Continuing Education Series. Information on our workshops can be found on this website. The Continuing Education workshops, unless otherwise specified, are held at Internal Gardens School of Classical Taijiquan i n Wantage, NJ. These workshop offer in-depth study in specific arts with select master instructors. In addition to our educational events, A.S.I.A. also recognizes those who have made significant contributions in the field with the Internal Arts Hall of Fame. Past winners can be found on this website. Future projects in the works include a membership program with benefits, an online US directory of schools, and more events hosted in different areas.

Please take some time to check out our websites. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Best wishes for a happy and healthy year for you and your family!


Sincerely yours,

James & Loretta Donnelly
American Society of Internal Arts