8. What is the"Master Jou Tsung Hwa Tai Chi Farm Foundation?"

Master Jou Tsung Hwa's Tai Chi Farm Foundation was a non-profit organization that was founded by some of Jou's senior students, including his former apprentice, Loretta Donnelly, shortly after his death. Initially, its purpose was to allow the continuation of Jou's school for as long as the Tai Chi Farm remained the property of Tai Chi Foundation. It was also through this organization that the last Zhang San Feng Festival, held on the farm in 1999, was hosted. After the sale of the Farm and the closing of the school, Loretta, as President of this second foundation, utilized the proceeds from the last Festival to donate the monument to Grandmaster Jou in Warwick Town Park (Warwick, New York). As of this writing, the Foundation has since been dissolved, with its remaining proceeds donated to charitable causes.