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9. Why isn't A.S.I.A. a non-profit organization? PDF Print E-mail

The decision not to make A.S.I.A. a non-profit organization was the result of many factors, not the least of which was past experience. Though there are certainly many very fine non-profit organizations that do exemplary work, the non-profit model of operation can often be fraught with difficulties. For example, all major (and many minor) decisions often need to be put to a vote. In this atmosphere it can be nearly impossible to maintain a unified vision of the future. In addition, with many non-profits relying solely on volunteers, efficiency can suffer. After all, everyone has bills to pay and there is only so much folks can do for free. For these and many other reasons, most small non-profits must work very hard against the statistical odds of their failure. A.S.I.A., conversely, though an LLC, is nonetheless a labor of love. The vision we work to maintain is our own and designed to benefit every internal artist in the country. Most importantly, promoting A.S.I.A. and the internal arts is not a cause we donate some spare time to, but rather, what we do full time.

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